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improve golf swingImprove Golf Swing now!  It is possible through ‘How to Break 80 and Shoot like the Pros’ is written by Jack Moorehouse.

For years now, it has been a best selling manual to improve golf swing and the primary reason for this utmost popularity is its usefulness as an instant solution to common golf problems.

The book provides tips addressing the key areas of golfing so even a newbie can break 80 and improve golf swing consistently. Since its writer is an amazing golf instructor, everything in the book is explicitly explained in a style which can be understood by everyday golfers.

Moorehouse makes golf matters clear and simple. He doesn’t use words that only pros can comprehend.

As you read the book, you’ll feel as if you’re just listening to a friendly expert who wants you to help you improve golf swing and make the most of your game.

‘How to break 80 and Shoot like the Pros’ uses a unique instructional approach. While other golfing books will just dwell on long lists of golfing do’s and don’ts, this book gets back to the basics of golfing and acts like a refresher course.

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It looks into important details of golfing which you might have overlooked simply because you’re too focused on having a perfect grip or a perfect swing.

For example, the book discusses balance and rhythm. These important aspects are often disregarded by many golfers and that’s why they end up hooking and slicing instead of actually hitting the ball straight.

With ‘How to break 80’, you’ll be able to renew your knowledge on traditional golfing as you also try to unlearn bad habits you might have developed while playing the game.

Moorehouse guarantees that you’ll be able to make a significant difference in your scores within a week’s time of reading the manual. There is no need for several days of practice. You just have to apply the principles he discusses in the book. Here’s a sample of what you’ll get from the guide:

• Four proven techniques to get you into the 70’s right away
• Effective techniques on dealing with bad breaks
• Tips on how you can develop the best short game
• The Secret Formula for Short Game shots
• Lessons on how you can master the Chip Shot
• Putting techniques and drills of the Pros
• Tips on reading greens properly
• Moorehouse’s “Putting Results” Practice Game
• An effective mental game plan which complements a great swing
• Perfect practice techniques that will help you prepare to break 80
• The mental and physical ‘Pre-Shot Routine’ of golf professionals
• Tips on how you should deal with sand bunkers
• The 10 Essential Components of Breaking 80

‘How to break 80 and Shoot like the Pros’ can help you get through all the typical golfing mistakes that even many professionals make. As you read the book, you’ll gradually discover those little things which may be hindering you from consistently winning the game.

The book, of course, offers some practical solutions which are very easy to follow.

In general, this golfing guide is a must-read for any golfer who is determined to improve his game.

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