Learn Sign Language Online

learn sign language onlineHave you ever wanted to learn sign language online?  Now, you can learn sign language online quickly and easily!

Looking at the whole Rocket Language collection, it cannot be denied that the Rocket Sign Language package is the most distinctive and challenging. This learn sign language online program is unique but nonetheless, still effective at fulfilling the Rocket Language promise – to provide practical and fast solutions to improve one’s communication skills in another language.

Rocket Sign Language stands out as a one-stop solution to many people who are in dire need of a language course which will teach them how to communicate with the deaf. Since the package is comprehensive, you’ll be able to develop finger spelling skills and other communication strategies within two months.

As compared to other courses which also teach sign language skills, this learning program is superior in terms of interactivity. It doesn’t make use of flash cards and e-books with dull illustrations. Rather, Rocket Sign Language consists of three software applications that teach the different aspects of understanding and executing sign language in a highly engaging and appealing way.

Learn Sign Language Online

Get Rocket Sign Language Now!

MegaSpelling software: this game will help you quickly recognize the sign language alphabet along with 200 common names, and 100 most common words. The game is very simple, you’ll just have to watch video demonstrations of the sign language, and then type what letter, word, or name is being signed.

MegaSign software: this component of the course will help you quickly increase the number of signs that you can understand and words which you can demonstrate through signs. This game covers fifteen important topics involving more than 1,500 words and phrases. After you’re done with this game, you’ll be able to use sign language in introducing yourself, finding your way around a community, getting help during an emergency, and more.

Dictionary software: This software is the ultimate reference to more than 1,200 most common signs used by the deaf. It has a search function so all you have to do is to type the word which corresponds to the sign that you want to view.

In addition to the software games and programs, Rocket Sign Language also features a Learning Guide. This guide comes in PDF format, but it also features videos and lots of illustrations.

Although many mistake the guide as a supplementary material, it’s actually an important feature of the course which answers frequently asked questions about finger spelling. The guide contains pertinent information on how you can properly construct signs based on the usual dynamics used in forming today’s most common signs.

The course also provides free access to an exclusive Rocket Language forum. There, you’ll be able to post questions about finger spelling and your fellow learners, teachers, and language experts can quickly reply and provide relevant answers. If you’re not satisfied with their responses, then you can direct your questions to the creator of the course.

In Rocket Sign Language, you’ll discover finger spelling in a step-by-step approach. In the first few lectures, you’ll get to know the basics like the sign language alphabet. However, as you move on from one lesson to another, you’ll notice that complex matters will then be discussed. This includes sentence construction and language use.

Compared to other language lessons available on the internet, Rocket Sign Language gives you a pleasant learning experience without compromising its efficiency as an educational program. Through its learning components, it gives you the opportunity to really understand sign language in theory and in practice.

Learn Sign Language Online

Get Rocket Sign Language Now!

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