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Have you always wanted to learn how to speak Japanese?  Rocket Japanese is a highly successful foreign language course popular among those who are looking for immediate solutions for their educational needs.

It’s one of the many products offered by the acclaimed Rocket Language, a company which has been known to provide innovative educational methods and interactive learning materials.

Much like other Rocket Language courses, Rocket Japanese follows an effective product template that’s been proven to speed up the learning process. It consists of audio lessons, grammar lessons, software games, and other learning support tools. However, each course follows a different instructional approach which fits the specifics of the language.

The major component of this learn how to speak Japanese course is the set of interactive audio lessons. Based on the principle that using audio tools is vital in learning a new language, these lessons emphasize spoken Japanese.

In each of the lessons, you will hear conversations typical in a Japanese community, followed by their English translations and thorough discussions. Such pattern has been proven to be effective in familiarizing students with Japanese words and phrases.

The interactive audio lessons also follow a narrative step-by-step format which moves from the basic socialization skills to the more advanced and complicated dialogues. For example, you’ll begin with greetings and survival phrases and then you’ll be taught how to participate in dinner conversations and business meetings.

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As you go progress from one lesson to another, you’ll be able to develop Japanese language skills vital in each aspect of socialization. The six aspects addressed in the course are:

(1) Greeting and Meeting

(2) Travel

(3) Nightlife

(4) Arts and Culture

(5) Family and Friends and

(6) Business Japanese.

The learn how to speak Japanese course will also help you understand speech and grammar usage in the Japanese language. The lessons will include discussions on sentence construction, verb conjugation, adjective use, and more.

Each of the audio lessons is also matched with a corresponding culture lesson. These lessons on culture will include photos, audio clips, and various illustrations. Such will help you discover the cultural meaning behind the spoken words.

Culture lessons also reinforce your understanding of the words since you’ll learn how to situate the Japanese language in realistic contexts. Just like the audio courses, these lessons also follow a step-by-step approach.

In addition to the formal language lessons, the course also features the MegaJapanese software-based learning games. These games promote a fun and convenient learning experience.

First of these games is the MegaVocab. As the name suggests, this game enriches your Japanese vocabulary. It helps you tests your memory on more than a thousand Japanese words. It also allows you to add many more words as you want.

MegaAudio, on the other hand, will help you increase your understanding of spoken Japanese words and sentences. It contains over 1,000 Japanese audio tracks which you should match with texts and pictures.

The last game is the MegaHiragana. Containing the full set of Hiragana characters, this game will help you recognize and memorize written Japanese words. This game is a fun introduction to writing and reading in this foreign language.

You will also have unlimited access to the Learner’s Forum, where you can get pose questions and get feedback from peers and professionals.

In view of all the features of this course, it cannot be denied that Rocket Japanese is really a revolutionary course which will be effective in promoting fast and easy acquisition of new language skills.

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