Learn How to Speak Italian

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If you want to learn how to speak Italian then you came to the right place.  We will review one of the best learn how to speak Italian course in the market today.

Rocket Italian is a language learning course. It is unlike many other traditional language programs since you can instantly download it from the Rocket Language website.

Although you can also get a hard copy of the course, the downloadable version is way cheaper. Since they have the same content, many prefer the option that costs less.

The components of the Rocket Italian package are also different from other learn how to speak Italian courses. You see, most language programs will just provide several e-books.

In contrast, Rocket Italian offers audio lessons, a learning module in PDF, three educational software games, lifetime free access to a forum, and follow-up lessons and exercises.

Since the course provides a host of learning materials, some might assume that this is strictly for those who already have an intermediate level of knowledge about the Italian language. They’re wrong.

Learn How to Speak Italian

Get the Complete How to Speak Italian Course Now!

Rocket Italian is perfect for people who know nothing about Italian words. However, it will also be a valuable reference even for those who already have basic Italian communication sills.

Rocket Italian has 33 audio lessons which are divided into six different themes. These lessons are neatly organized into a narrative so that you’ll first be familiar with the basic interaction skills before you move on to advanced conversations. The program tackles:

(1) Greeting, Meeting, Food, and Drink

(2) Travel

(3) Nightlife

(4) Arts and Culture

(5) Family and Friends

(6) “Cucina Italiana” or Italian Cooking.

Each of these audio lessons is paired with a grammar and culture course. This allows you to discover the mechanics of using the Italian language. Apart from learning common Italian words, you will also learn how to construct your own sentences in the Italian language. The photos, illustrations, and audio clips will definitely speed up the learning process.

All the lessons follow a basic instructional pattern. First, you’ll listen to a brief introduction of the topic or theme of the course. Then, the Italian words and sentences are presented through a dialogue between the host of the course and a native Italian speaker.

Next is the English translation of the conversation. Finally, the host provides a detailed discussion of what you have just heard. This discussion highlights the contextual usage of the Italian words through several examples.

Throughout the courses, you will have the chance to carefully listen to the Italian conversions. As such, you can immediately practice speaking the words which were discussed in the course.

At the end of every lesson, you can evaluate your learning progress through the various exercises and tests. In case you want to access more quizzes, you can log in to the Learner’s Lounge and get as many additional activities that you want. You also get 24/7 support from Rocket Language’s online teachers.

The best thing about the Rocket Italian Package however, is its three software games. In the MegaVocab game, you can enrich your Italian vocabulary just by matching pictures and words. The second game – MegaAudio, improve your comprehension of spoken Italian words. Lastly, there is the MegaVerbs game which will teach you how to conjugate a verb in the correct person and tense.

Learn How to Speak Italian

Get the Complete How to Speak Italian Course Now!

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