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Rocket French is the most popular learn how to speak French course on the web and many may be wondering, “Does this course work?”

Well, I think its popularity is not just a product of a marketing hype. People talk about this learn how to speak French language program because it is worth the attention and it is effective.

You can learn how to speak and understand French in less than two months with the help of Rocket French. It really works!

Compared to other language learning applications and courses out there, this one is the easiest to follow, even for beginners.

However, this is not to say that this learn how to speak French course is only for individuals who are entirely clueless of the French language. In fact, it’s made for all learning levels.

Rocket French is a practical course which will teach you almost everything you would want to say in French. This can be helpful and effective even if you already have an intermediate or advanced understanding of the language.

Rocket French is very affordable. For a little less than a hundred dollars, you will have a comprehensive language course  that works and is convenient to use anytime, anywhere.

To help you realize why this course has been recommended over and over again by French tutors and language students, here is a brief overview of what it offers:

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33 audio lessons

You can do away with your boring French books because this course has interactive audio lessons. These lessons present conversations between the course host and an acquaintance whose first language is French.

Since the French language is presented in actual conversations, you’ll be able to grasp the language immediately. Each course takes about 24 minutes.

After you’re finished with these lessons, you’ll be able to use the language in socializing with a native French community.

If you are not very comfortable with the audio lessons alone, the course also has printable transcripts. You can use these complete transcripts as a guide in your study.

45 grammar lessons

To improve your understanding of the French language, the course also contains 45 illustrated Grammar and Culture lessons.

These lessons feature audio clips, exercises, and other engaging activities which will help you advance your linguistic skills.

The first 35 grammar lessons will take you through the fundamentals to the intermediate levels of learning French while the last 10 presents situational scenarios where you can put your knowledge to the test.

Three Mega Software Games

Apart from the formal learning materials, Rocket French also comes with three educational games – one that enhances your French vocabulary (MegaVocab), another which helps you understand spoken French words and dialogues (Mega Audio), and last but not the least – a software game designed to help the students with French verb conjugation (MegaVerbs).

Forum Membership plus other bonuses

If you sign up for the course, you can also access the “Learn French” forum. There, you can share your insights and inquiries with French teachers, fellow students, and even the course’s author.

The course also comes with a free subscription to the bi-monthly Rocket French newsletter plus downloadable 310 beginner flash cards and 216 advanced flashcards on French words.

Overall, Rocket French is a complete learning package. Its lessons are organized and everyone can use it to improve their French linguistic abilities within a short span of time.

Click here to learn how to speak French!

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