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Looking for tattoo images?  You’re not a full-pledge tattoo aficionado if you’re not a member of a first-rate tattoo design website.

If you’re really serious about having the best tattoo designs, you should have a good online resource which lets you check out thousands of the most beloved tattoo images around the globe.

Chopper Tattoo is a tattoo design membership website. With almost 4,000 unique tattoo images on its database, this site boasts of the biggest online collection of designs. Its major purpose is to help enthusiasts find nothing but the best tattoo images.

The designs featured by the website are presented by categories. This makes it easy for the members to browse the collection of tattoo images based on their interests.

Once they find a tattoo of their liking, they can download the file right away. After that, they can print the design and show it to their tattoo artist.

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Once you’ve become a member of this site, you can download and print as many tattoo designs as you want. You can customize the tattoo designs or combine all of them to make your personalized tattoo.

You’ll have to pay a membership fee so you can access Chopper Tattoo’s collection. The website has three membership options:

a) 1 Month – $19.95

b) 2 Months – $24.95

c) Lifetime – $34

These memberships are cheaper compared to that of other tattoo design websites.   The one-month membership fits you if you plan to get just one tattoo for the rest of your life.

However, since most people who get a tattoo ‘crave for the needle’, it’s better if you opt for the lifetime membership. This way, you can access tattoo designs anytime you want to. Even if you don’t want to get a new tattoo for yourself, you can also use the site’s resource to help your family and friends choose theirs.

There are two things about Chopper Tattoo which sets it apart from the rest. First is its user-friendly website. If you visit the website, you’ll notice that it has a very simple layout. Anyone who has basic internet surfing skills can quickly find his way through the collection.

The second reason why many choose Chopper Tattoo and not other sites is the quality of the designs. The site’s gallery is not just a simple assortment of skin art. Rather, it is much like a tattoo museum displaying high quality designs which were carefully chosen by tattoo experts and fans.

In line with the typical marketing strategy of tattoo design websites, Chopper Tattoo also offers special bonuses:

Games – The website offers eight games you can play whenever you get tired of searching for a tattoo design.

Music Downloads – Your membership to Chopper Tattoo entitles you to free access to

Tattoo Lettering – Chopper Tattoo offers you some links to Tattoo Font Sites

Chopper Tattoo is probably the best online resource for tattoo designs simply because it has the biggest online collection. Its low membership fees and the bonuses are also a plus.

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