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Do you want to learn the Best Forex Signals?  Novice and professional Forex traders alike need an automated Forex trading system like IvyBot. More than teaching the Best Forex Signals, it has features that will help you succeed in Forex trading.

This program has received a lot of recommendations and positive feedbacks but some of these may just be part of a marketing hype.  So in this promotion-free IvyBot review, I’ll give you a rundown of the product’s key features. This will help you determine if this software is really your perfect match.

Who created the program?

IvyBot was developed by a group of five professionals by the names of Byron, John, Todd, Sam, and Maxx (their last names are not revealed). They’re graduates of Ivy League Universities, thus the name ‘Ivy’+‘Bot’.

By profession, the IvyBot team is consisted of mathematical geniuses and software programmers. They made this product because they wanted to prove that Forex robots need multiple expert advisers in order to accurately analyze the market for multiple currency pairs.

What are the main features of IvyBot?

•    Four Specialized Expert Advisers for four currency pairs
•    Hands-free trading
•    PROFITABLE trading
•    Automated risk analysis
•    Dynamic and consisted trading
•    A dependable protection system
•    Easy installation
•    Multiple currency trading
•    Built-in loss prevention system

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How does IvyBot work?

An IvyBot review will not be complete unless it discusses how the product works. IvyBot is not a cheat engine for Forex trading so it’s not illegal.

It just helps you decide which currency pairs you should trade in the same way that a simple calculator helps you compute for your daily expenses.  It does not really matter if you know the Best Forex Signals.  IvyBot is an automated currency trading robot which promotes hands-off trading.

Once you install the robot to your computer, you can just sit back and relax. The IvyBot will: (a) study the market; (b) determine when is the best time to buy or sell currencies; and (c) execute the trades for you.

I can confirm in this IvyBot review that this Forex robot is based on exact science and research. The system uses a special algorithm comprised of statistical variables: (a) currency trend analysis; (b) weighted price action; (c) technical price patterns; (d) market liquidity; (e) volatility; and (f) forward projection scanning. The parameters of these variables are supplied to an IvyBot probability equation which predicts currency outcomes with 98% accuracy.

A comparative Ivybot review

Other Forex robots only have one Expert Advisor which is supposedly applicable for all currency pairs. However, statistical researches suggest that since the value and exchange trends of currencies vary, there is really no single analyzer which works for all pairs.  So, here comes IvyBot.

What makes IvyBot different from other automated Forex trading programs out there is that it gives you four different Expert Advisors for four specific currency pairs. You’ll have one Forex trading robot for each of these pairs: (a) EUR/USD, (b) EUR/JPY, (c) USD/CHF, and (d) USD/JPY.

To complete this IvyBot review, it’s also a must to mention that IvyBot is more user-friendly than most Forex trading robots. You won’t have to spend days figuring out every menu option and configuration because aside from having a simple set-up, the software package comes with comprehensive guides. You’ll get a 25-page installation guide, three step-by-step Ivybot Videos, lifetime free updates, and 24/7 support.

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