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Dog Training BooksThere are lots of dog training books in the market but what is the best for you?

Dove Cresswell is a renowned Hollywood dog trainer.  She’s worked on many films, TV shows, and commercials, and she shares her secrets in her dog training program online.

In this ‘Dog Training Online’ review, we’ll look at how effective her program is in transforming ordinary dog owners into competent dog trainers.  We will discover how this one is different from other dog training books.

Cresswell’s program is not offered in the typical e-book format which some may find dull and boring. Instead, the whole training guide is presented through a multimedia presentation.

It’s pretty much like a slide show presentation accompanied by an audio narrative, detailed explanations and pictures demonstrating each step of the training.

In general, this instructional method is far more effective than e-books which may take you more time to read and digest.

Going multimedia is a great way of reaching out to all kinds of potential dog trainers, even to those who are simply not fond of prolonged learning hours. Each of the training sessions will only last for five to twenty minutes.

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In my ‘Dog Training Online’ review, it’s also a must to emphasize that the program is strategically divided into seven lessons.

1. Puppy House Training / Potty Training
2. Dog Obedience Training
3. Crate Training
4. Walking Politely on a Leash: The Informal Heel
5. The Recall
6. Good Puppy & Dog Manners
7. Special Dog Tricks

What’s good is that all of these lessons are provided in basic conversational English. Although Cresswell is a certified professional, she didn’t use technical dog training terms since she was trying to reach out to the common dog owner who has no background whatsoever in pet training.

Another aspect of the program that’s worth noting in this ‘Dog Training Online’ review is that the files are all available online. This means that you just connect to the internet and access the videos every time you want to learn about dog training.

You can play it anytime and anywhere, on your home or office computer. You can study while you’re mobile or even while you’re in your pjs.

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I also want to stress in my ‘Dog Training Online’ review that Cresswell’s lessons are clear and concise. The lessons are well laid-out so I’m definite that it can easily be understood by anyone who has the time and patience to watch and listen. The instructions for every dog trick are provided in progressive narration.

The ‘instructor’ starts with the basics and then advances onto the complicated tricks. To a great extent, the lessons seem like one-on-one tutorial sessions where the tutor chats with his student, encouraging him to pay attention, respond, and adapt.

The program’s only downside is probably its lack of background information on dog behavior. Some may find this data essential in dog training while others may deem it as unnecessary. Besides, Cresswell’s training techniques will still work even if you don’t know how dogs behave in general.

In conclusion, I think that my ‘Dog Training Online’ review shows that Cresswell’s program is an effective dog training course because (a) it uses simple words; (b) it uses innovative instructional materials; and (c) its lessons are short, snappy, and highly interactive.

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