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best dog foodWhy do we need to know about the best dog food?  The average life span of a dog is eight to ten years – we think. But, its actually possible for your pet to live longer, let’s say for eight more additional years – if you should STOP feeding your dog with commercial dog food and continue reading this ‘Dog Food Secrets’ review.

‘Dog Food Secrets’ unveils the truth behind the commercial dog food conspiracy. It exposes the commercialism-based scam which promotes a masked but drastic and widespread form of animal abuse where dog owners become unwitting conspirators.

You might think you’re giving your beloved pet the best dog food but wait until you read Dog Food Secrets.  This is a survival-guide which can spare your dog from behavioral problems, hygiene-related distress, fatal illnesses, and other harmful effects of eating expensive but harmful foods.

In this ‘Dog Food Secrets’ review, I’ll give you a sample of the juicy information you’ll get from the best dog food guide so you’ll have a good understanding of how useful this book can be for every dog owner.

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The Protein-Scam

The dog food manufacturing industry is just another con-infested profit-making venture. Many dog food companies lie about the preservatives and nutritional content of their products.  The bad news is that we believe them because we are blinded by their marketing strategies.

In this ‘Dog Food Secrets’ review, I’ll have to commend Andrew Lewis for his brave attempt to open the consumers’ eyes to reality, particularly about the popular ‘Protein Scam’.

The guide discusses how dog food companies brag about protein-rich products when all the while, what they use is a cheap protein element which is actually of no nutritional value to a dog. They use this ‘fake’ protein component as a substitute for the essential animal protein which your dog greatly needs.

As a result, not only will your dog experience muscle and bone development problems, he might also have chronic skin and ear infections, chronic flea and worm infestations, epilepsy and cancer, aggression, and an impaired ability to heal from wounds.

The Four-Percentage Rule in Ingredient Listing

I’d like to emphasize in my ‘Dog Food Secrets’ review that this information is really of great value for everyday buyers of commercial dog food.

This part concerns the popular misconception that requiring a list of ingredients from dog food companies is a sure way of promoting the welfare of our pets. We assume that since we ‘know’ the ingredients, we can make an informed choice and pick the best food for our pets.

The problem is that dog food companies can manipulate the system and use the list to their advantage. By flashing popularized ingredient names, they can use the four-percentage rule to trick you into buying inferior products instead of healthier ones.

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Nature’s Power Sources

In my ‘Dog Food Secrets’ review, let me highlight the fact that the guide does more than expose the secrets of dog food companies and their stakeholders. It also shares important data on how you can solve problems created by this rampant act of gradual pet poisoning.

For example, it gives information on the right kind of food you ought to give your dog. Specifically, it lists down:
• The No. 1 best source of phosphorous, vitamins A and B, essential for optimal organ function
• The Top 6 grains that will give your dog the right amount of carbohydrate he needs to stay active and energetic
• The Top 6 types of high-quality protein your dog needs for his muscle development
• The Top 8 fruit snacks which are packed with the right amount of vitamins and minerals for your pet
• The 5 easy-to-prepare human foods which also suits your dog’s needs and taste.

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