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Do you need putting tips?  Golf is not an easy sport to learn but if you have the right tools and resources, you can get a good start in the game and learn to swing like a pro in no time.

If you search online for putting tips and recommended golf swing guides, one of the top rated books you’ll find is the Simple Golf Swing program.

‘The Simple Golf Swing’ is an all-in-one downloadable guide to golf swings and putting tips. Written by David Nevogt, the system is a compilation of all the pertinent information he derived from the top 100 golf instructors around the globe.

The guide gives detailed instructions on what you should do in every part of your swing. It also presents the mechanics behind a proper golf swing and putting tips. After you’ve tried the system, Nevogt guarantees that you’ll be able to lower your score by at least seven strokes in just a week.

To target all the aspects of a proper golf swing, the Simple Golf Swing is divided into five chapters:

(1) Setup

(2) Grip

(3) Alignment

(4) Timing and

(5) 5 Steps of The Simple Golf Swing

Each chapter features lots of illustrations which promote easy understanding of the lessons.

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The section on ‘Setup’ discusses a revolutionary setup which will let you swing your body around the spine. This will play an important role in the development of the “Simple Golf Swing” as it promotes power and consistency.

All you have to do is to limit your unnecessary body movements while swinging by following effective techniques in the book.

In the section on “The Grip”, you’ll learn all about the ‘interlocking grip’ and the ‘overlapping grip’. You can then decide which grip best fits you.

The grips are discussed with lots of visuals so you can easily understand what you should do. You’ll also be provided with a step-by-step guide on how you can correct your bad gripping habits.  It is truly the most comprehensive resource for golf swings and putting tips!

The chapter on ‘Alignment’ is the shortest in the book. In this section, you’ll get a lot of tips on how you can avoid common alignment problems that many golfers face. You’ll learn a secret tactic on how you can align the clubface so that you can push the ball in the right position with the appropriate strength every time you hit it. According to Nevogt, this tip will help you instantly drop some strokes.

‘The Simple Golf Swing’ also provides some tips on how you can improve your timing. Perfect timing in swinging will promote consistency and increase speed in each swing, resulting in a perfect impact on the ball.

Last but not the least, the book offers the five simple steps of ‘The Simple Golf Swing’. The steps are explained in detail so you can easily improve your swing without extensive practice and game experience. If you carefully follow the steps, you can develop a properly controlled swing that will help you hit the fairway right away.

Overall, the book will help you enjoy golf in the soonest time possible. Since the tips and techniques are well-illustrated and very easy to follow, you’ll be able to improve your swing and score like a Pro in no time. To speed up learning and ensure progress, the book is supplemented with DVD clips, training aids, worksheets, and more.

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