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With the Sports Betting Champ, sports betting can become a worthwhile investment, not just an old time hobby. Whether you’re already a gambler or a sports enthusiast, you’ll learn to love the sports bet industry with this fine wagering system which guarantees that you’ll have 97% chances of winning.

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The Sports Betting Champ is actually a PC software program created by John Morrison. Morrison is a graduate from Cornell University with a PhD in statistics so that definitely tells us that he is capable of computing and analyzing probabilities and his program will really be able to help us with any sports bet.

Since he’s a sports fanatic who has never missed a big sports game, we can also assume that the man must have a thorough knowledge of what’s going on inside the sports arena – in particular, he must be familiar with win-lose patterns.

Combining his passion for sports and his expertise in statistics, Morrison has developed a betting system that will help everyone interested in sports bet. The principles behind the Sports Betting Champ system are derived from more than five years of solid research that Morrison spent on analyzing sports databanks. Thus, it is safe to say that the program is based on research.

This betting system is also very easy to use. Despite the application of complicated statistical computations in making the betting system, Morrison came up with a simplified version of the program that even a nine-year old kid can understand.

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In using the Sports Betting Champ, you don’t need in depth knowledge about basketball or baseball. It doesn’t matter if you’re good in math or statistics, or if you have no computer skills. As long as you know how to count and you can spend a few minutes of your day in checking the system and placing bets, you can use this program to multiply your winnings.

Under this system, you will apply the same principles that Morrison uses in sports betting. You’ll become a wise seasoned bettor who doesn’t take risks.

You won’t bet in each and every game because there is simply no way of predicting the outcome of all sports events. Rather, you’ll be very selective in the games you’ll invest in.

The system basically works like this – the Sports Betting Champ has criteria on the kind of games where you should place your bets. Whenever there is a game that falls under the system’s criteria, you’ll receive an email about the picks.

This means that you’ll automatically get the picks without the need to analyze the game and compute for probabilities. Moreover, you can check if the picks are valid since you would understand the betting criteria and the principles behind winning bets.

The bottom-line is that if a game fits the criteria of the betting system, you can bet on it and you’ll win. The bets suggested by Morrison are only those that he also bets upon, so you’re sure that there is really a high probability of winning.

Another good thing about the Sports Betting Champ is that you’ll be entitled to a lifetime of consultations with John Morrison himself. If you have any questions about the software or the picks, you can send a personal message to Morrison and he’ll answer your inquiries and concerns.

The betting system also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee so it’s totally risk-free.

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