Perfect Golf Swing

Perfect Golf Swing

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Do you want a Perfect Golf Swing? Well, Bobby Eldridge claims, “If you could only own one golf eBook, this is the one to own.”

He’s talking about no other manual but his very own ‘The 7 Step Golf Swing Book’.  Eldridge is a golf pro who invented his own golf swing technique – the ‘Full Swing’.

He has spent more than thirty years reinventing and developing this method to help you get a perfect golf swing.  If you read the book, you can tell that Eldridge knows golf very well.

True to Eldridge’s claim, the 7 Step Golf Swing Book is a really good golfing guide that can help you generate the perfect golf swing in your every play. It gives some tips on how you can hit the ball consistently.

Furthermore, the book also provides relevant information on how you can create a good drive with accuracy and strength.

Do you want a perfect golf swing?

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What makes this book different from the rest?

It doesn’t teach you the classic swing technique. Most golfing books available for download stick to the conventional classic swing technique.   This swing is used by many professionals.

It is an old age method that most golf trainers insistently teach to their students with the belief that it is the only way to break 80s.  However, most students find the swing difficult to learn and very time-consuming.

Out of Eldridge’s frustration in teaching his students the classic swing, he then invented the ‘full swing’. This new effective swing is easier to learn and to execute. Since it is carefully designed for common golfers who do not possess the physique and experience of the pros, even beginners can master the technique and have a perfect golf swing after a few hours of practice.

It tells you what you should NOT do. If you’re a serious golfer who already tried reading golf manuals and consulting golf trainers, you’ll know that the traditional procedure in teaching golf is through a long list of tips and rules.

However, the problem with this traditional approach is the fact that many golfers find this approach too restrictive. If every golfer has to follow a fixed procedure in golfing, there will be no room for creativity, improvement, and excitement in the game.

Fortunately, the 7 Step Golf Swing Book follows a more contemporary instructional method. Instead of just teaching you what you should do, it tells you what you must avoid doing. This way, you’ll develop the movements which best suits your style and ability without compromising efficiency.  You will definitely have the perfect golf swing!

What will you get from the book?

Apart from the ‘full swing’ method, below is a list of what Eldridge shares in his book:

• An effective set-up that will always give you the correct swing plane
• A secret backswing which ensures consistency and distance
• The simple solution to perfect timing
• A secret trick that guarantees perfect balance in every swing
• The hidden technique to straight and accurate hits

The book also comes with a ‘Full Membership’ to Eldridge’s Apprentice Program. Once you become part of this program, you’ll get weekly lessons, DVD clips, practice drills, tracking worksheets, stat tracker, and more.

For those who are still having second thoughts about the book’s efficiency, you can try the book with no risks whatsoever. Eldridge offers a 60-day money-back guarantee in case his book fails to meet your expectations.

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