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It is easy to increase vertical jump!  Athletes and other individuals who are trying to increase vertical jump can find reliable help from Jacob Hiller’s ‘The Jump Manual’.

This is an all-in-one package that reveals expert insight on the mechanics of vertical jumping. It contains a lot of tips and advices on how you can quickly get positive results each time you workout and train.

The Jump Manual is like an all-out training course. It’s not the typical increase vertical jump reference material with a limited offer of tips on how you can improve your vertical jump. Rather, this course highlights the fact that planning, hard work, and progress management – combined with an adequate understanding of the mechanics behind maximum body performance – are essential to one’s success in vertical jumping.

One of the biggest advantages you’ll get only from this course is the chance to learn everything about the nine different improvable aspects of vertical jumping. While other resources about vertical jumping will only reveal one or at most, three of these aspects, The Jump Manual goes beyond the common industry practice just to ensure you’ll be well informed and you’ll achieve your goal.

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The Jump Manual tries to address issues about:
• Workouts and Exercises
• Body Structure
• Correct Diet
• Proper Training Methods
• Plyometrics
• Resistance Training
• Untargeted Muscle Groups
• Flexibility Techniques
• Muscle Elasticity

No other increase vertical jump manual can be as comprehensive as this one. The Jump Manual targets each and every facet of an effective vertical explosion training program through the use of nutrition plans, charts, video collections, and one-on-one consultations through personal messaging.

In particular, the Jump Manual is composed of:

• A grand collection of videos which demonstrates what exercises you should perform and how
• Workout charts illustrating how you can design effective vertical jump training programs
• A comprehensive nutrition plan which presents details on how you can eat to increase your muscle build-up and reduce your risks of having jump injuries
• A list of weight-room alternatives
• Free one-on-one training consultations through email

The Jump Manual also looks into the natural laws of vertical jump improvement – from the nutritional requirements for muscle formation to the essentials of designing a workout based on your body figure and muscle capacity. The program also provides some tips and tools for proper progress monitoring.

This guide will also help you deal with the common “limit” problem of jumpers. With the Jump manual, you won’t reach that “end-of-the-line”. You won’t feel that you’re stuck in a situation where there is no more room for improvement. Instead, you’ll be able to continuously develop your jumping abilities and get satisfactory results from your every workout.

In the last sections of the manual, you’ll also get relevant information about the right body form required for vertical jumping. If you learn how to jump with the correct form, you’ll be surprised at how you can instantly increase vertical jump by inches.

Combining this form with enhanced muscle flexibility and strength, the manual can help you increase your jump by 10 inches or even more!

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