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Are you one of those who want to learn how to speak Chinese?  Rocket Chinese has given a lot of people a big chance at learning the world’s most widely spoken language.

It is a better alternative to the usual learn how to speak Chinese books which offer limited methods of learning through text and a few illustrations.

This learn how to speak Chinese language course has lots of benefits. Below are 9 reasons why I highly recommend this Chinese language course:

1.  Rocket Chinese will help you learn a foreign language in a simple, practical, and easy way. Its instructional methods are more innovative and highly interactive.

Its major component – a set of 31 audio lessons – ensures that you will be able to understand and speak Chinese words and phrases in the fastest time possible.

2.  This language course offers a comprehensive learning package. Apart from the extensive audio lessons, this how to speak Chinese course also includes cultural notes and lessons on Chinese writing.

It also comes with the MegaChinese games which focus on three important aspects of your linguistic ability – vocabulary, pronunciation, and writing skills.

3.  Rocket Chinese allows you to understand the foreign language in theory and in practice. You don’t just learn the words alone.  You also learn the meaning  of the words and its actual use in modern conversational settings.

Through the cultural lessons, you’ll also get a clear view of how you are supposed to act and how other people will react from the Chinese words you’re saying.

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4.  This course provides a more comfortable learning experience. You won’t have to sit in a class or follow a definite schedule set by your language tutor.

All you have to do is to download the course materials into your iPod and listen to the audio courses anytime you want.

5.  Rocket Language features two software games – the MegaVocab and MegaAudio learning games. These games will help you enjoy while you learn.

As you match words and phrases to the right pictures, you’ll build up your Chinese vocabulary in no time.

6.  The course also targets the most difficult part of learning a new language – the ability to understand spoken words.

The use of audio clips and full-length audio lessons gives you the chance to extensively study how Chinese words are spoken by natives. The MegaAudio game also enhances your ability to recognize spoken Chinese.

7.  Rocket Chinese will teach you modern Chinese not that outdated Chinese language which are no longer used even by the natives.

This course is specifically designed to transform you into a streetwise modern-day Chinese speaking individual who can easily blend in a Chinese community.

8.  This ultimate Chinese language course gives you grammar lessons so you would know how word use and sentence construction really works in the Chinese language.

These lessons along with the follow up exercises will help you expand your ability to construct Chinese sentences beyond the examples provided in the course.

9.  Rocket Chinese provides fast results. Rocket Language guarantees that you can learn how to speak and understand real Chinese in just a matter of eight weeks.

With their set of learning materials and the right dose of focus and attention, I bet you’ll be able to do so.

Get the Best How to Speak Chinese Course Now!

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