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If you plan on getting a tattoo or if you’re a tattoo artist, you should check out ‘Tattoo Me Now’ right away.  Tattoo Me Now is a tattoo design website where you get unlimited tattoo designs to download and print.  It is one of the best guides that you must have if you plan on getting a tattoo.

It’s an exclusive membership site that caters to artists and tattoo enthusiasts who are simply interested in getting a tattoo or distributing and collecting cool tattoo designs.

Tattoo Me Now is not like other tattoo websites which only offers a gallery of designs to those who are planning on getting a tattoo. What makes the Tattoo Me Now website different is the fact that it offers an online social network for a distinguished community that prides on art, style, fashion, and self expression.

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Here are some of the well-liked features of Tattoo Me Now:

The Design Gallery

This gallery contains thousands of tattoo designs which are properly categorized under forty subjects. This categorization makes it easy for members to choose tattoo designs of their liking.

The designs are ready for download and printing. Once printed, they can take the designs to their favorite artists and have them tattooed.

A great feature of this design gallery is that it allows the members to combine two or more tattoos in one artistic layout. They can also bookmark their favorite designs and download them some other time.

The Member’s Gallery

This special gallery allows the members to share their own tattoo photos and designs to others. These pictures are arranged under 38 categories. Members can rate each design and give comments. This way, they can get inspiration from each other’s tattoos.

If you are trying to choose among a variety of tattoo designs, you can post photos and get feedback from the members. With the help of other enthusiasts, you can choose the tattoo that best fits you.

As the site’s members grow in number, the gallery also gets bigger and bigger. New designs are added on a daily basis.

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A Tattoo Studio Directory

In line with the Tattoo Me Now commitment to spread the tattoo fever around the globe, the site features a large directory of more than 10,000 tattoo joints in 38 countries around the world.

The website can also help you find a reliable tattoo studio in your area. More than just an online version of the yellow pages, the site also provides reviews of the tattoo joints so you can always make informed decisions. You can also post your own testimonials and reviews of the tattoo studios you’ve been into.

The Tattoo Me Now Discussion Forum

This is one of the best features of this tattoo design site. Once you are a member, you can participate in the forum and share your insights about tattooing. You can ask questions and talk about any topic related to tattoos. You’ll also get the latest news on the best tattoo designs in town.

The forum is very active. If you’re a tattoo artist, this is a good online venue to market your skills and services. If you’re a tattoo enthusiast, you can use the forum to find the next artist who will give you the design you can brag about.

Overall, Tattoo Me Now is a good investment. It will be a big help to those who are planning to get tattoos.

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